Blue Dacnis Bird and the Tale of Allure: A World of Natural Colors

A little passerine bird called the Blue Dacnis or Turquoise Honeycreeper, Dacnis cayana. From Nicaragua to Panama, on Trinidad, and in South America south to Bolivia and northern Argentina, one may find this member of the tanager family. It is ubiquitous and frequently prevalent, particularly in sections of its native region in South America.

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It can be found in gardens, parks, other woods, and forests.


The large cup nest is constructed in a tree, and the typical clutch consists of two to three pale, grey-blotched eggs. The male feeds the female, who then incubates the eggs.

Black-legged Dacnis - Dacnis nigripes - Birds of the World


Its length is 12.7 cm, and its weight is 13 g. Despite its other name, it is not a honeycreeper since those birds have longer bills. The mature male is turquoise blue with black on his throat, back, and the area behind his eyes. Turquoise edges surround the black wings and tail. With a blue head, lighter green underparts, and brown wings with green edges, the female and young are mostly green in colour.

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