Conquering the Perilous Path: The World’s Most Treacherous Hiking Trail

Do you love to do extreme sports like skydiving, rock climbing, snowboarding, and other crazy things? Then this may be the perfect adventure for you! This dangerous path is located on Mt. Huashun. It’s called the Plank Walk and is near Huayin in Shaanxi Province, which is about 120km east of Xi’an, China. It’s open to the public, and for a fee of $38.00 you too can risk your life by taking on this dangerous hike. If your mind isn’t going a little crazy yet, just wait until you see the pictures of this place! It’s unbelievable.

This is the beginning. Cliffside doesn’t even begin to explain what you are in for when you visit this place.

Which steep staircase would you choose?

It looks like all of them would be pretty difficult to climb.

This is called the Route of Boards. As you can see, each plank that you walk on is made of old boards resting on supports drilled into the rock.

Each plank is made up of 3 different boards, varying in condition and size. They are held together by large metal supports.

If you are feeling extra daring, for $12.00 you can climb up this metal ladder. With this adventure though, you do get 2 hooks that you can use to stabilize yourself into the mountain.

It is probably safe to say you may not want to look down while climbing the ladder.

Because this is located thousands of feet above sea level, the conditions aren’t always ideal. But if you have the opportunity and the willingness to try, a little fog won’t stop you.

As you can tell, some of the wood doesn’t match. They use what they can.

How do you think they managed to change the middle piece on this plank? Also, why is this person doing this in sandals?

Just looking at this gave me the chills. There is no way I would ever do this!

I think that bridge is the only thing that looks stable enough to cross.

While the Path of Boards may be for the more adventurous, there are other paths that are a lot more stable. You can still experience the atmosphere without risking your life quite as much.

That view is pretty spectacular.

Would you dare to walk on the Plank Walk? Because I am terrified of heights, there is no way I would do this! But I definitely have some people in my life that would be more than willing to give it a try.