Cornflower Blue Plumage with Pure White Underparts, The Blue Vanga Is A Precious Flying Gem Of Nature

The world of birds is amazing! There are many strikingly beautiful birds whose plumage can mesmerize humans. They are too perfect to be true. Some people believe that they just jump out from fairy tales. Their coat seems to be the standard of color shades. But the answer may astonish them. These stunning flying creatures do exist in nature. The point here is you haven’t got an opportunity to see them. If you get one, make sure that you grasp it, guys.

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The blue vanga is among these outstanding birds. It has cornflower blue plumage with pure white underparts. Its bill is eye-catching with sky blue color. This bird also has black tips on the edges of the wings and tail.

Image Credits: Instagram/ggeorgems333

The female looks a bit different from the male even though she still has a blue coat. The first is her chest and belly. They are an off-white color with pale orange. This bird also has green tinges on its wings.

You can watch the video of this beautiful bird below.

Like other members of the Vangas species, the blue vanga distributes on the island of Madagascar. But they also live in Comoros on Mohéli island.

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Their breeding season starts in October and ends in December. After finding mates, female blue vangas build their nests at an altitude of 12 meters. This cup-shaped nest is made from twigs and a pale down-like material and placed in a fork or on slender branches.

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The female then lays eggs in her nest and incubates them. She continues to feed the hatchlings until fully fledged

Regarding the diets, this bird feeds on insects, earthworms, millipedes, lizards, and amphibians. Sometimes, they eat fruit.

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Currently, the population of the blue vanga is quite stable and ranked as least concern on the IUCN Red List.

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