Exquisite Escapes: Embracing the Singular Uniqueness of Exceptional Hotels Worldwide

1. Stealth Tree Hotel in Sweden

Stealth hotel (internet image)

This is a work that captivates visitors at first sight because of the reflective mirror walls. These houses are made of super light aluminum alloy suspended from trees and fixed with strong cables. The most special part of the house lies in the infrared membrane that only birds can see – preventing the birds from being injured by accident. Room rent per night is more than 400$.

2. Ascher Cliff Hotel in Switzerland

Ascher Cliff Hotel (internet photo)


Ascher Cliff is a great choice for those who like thrills. This hotel is located on the slopes of the Alpstein mountains, 2500 meters from the sea. There is nothing like when you can drop yourself high to watch the mountains covered with clouds and “enjoy” the “unique” feeling of fear only in Ascher Cliff.

3. Manta resort in Zanzibar

Manta resort (internet photo)

The new hotel room of the Manta Resort on Pemba Island in Zanzibar is a floating and extremely unique hotel room. Coming here, you will feel like you are immersed in the natural scenery that cannot be closer. Located about 250 meters from the shore and surrounded by large glass windows to help visitors have the most complete view of the marine world. Above the water is a two-story roof structure to provide full amenities for visitors.


4. Kakslauttanen Hotel in Finland

Kakslauttanen Hotel (internet photo)

If you’ve ever dreamed of “thousand-star” hotels instead of standard luxury hotels, Kakslauttanen in Finland is an option not to be missed. Kakslauttanen, also known as the igloo hotel, was built into a rather strange village. Each igloo is designed with insulated glass, inside is a fully equipped luxury space and includes a sauna. It’s great when you come here with a special person, watching the sky in a luxurious, warm and private space.


5. Attrap Reves Hotel in France 

Attrap Reves Hotel (internet photo)

Coming to Attrap Reves is coming to another real dream – the glass ball dream. The space of each room here is designed in a spherical architecture with transparent glass, standing inside you can see the entire natural beauty outside, feeling like you are lost in a magical little planet that makes everyone must be infatuated.

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