Have you ever seen birds that seem to have come from another planet? Their feather is awesome and humans can’t take their eyes off it.

Have you ever seen birds that seem to have come from another planet? Their feather is awesome and humans can’t take their eyes off it. Mother nature favors these beautiful flying animals, giving them features that make them stand out in their community.

And here are 20 beautiful exotic birds that will shake our world a little. If you are looking for birds with unique and unpredictable characteristics, these are right up your street. They won’t stop ceasing to amaze human beings. This also helps raise the awareness of humans about wildlife protection. Nature is full of amazes, so each of us has a responsibility to protect it.

1. Amazonian royal flycatcher

Amazonian royal flycatcher has a crown of feathers. This bird can be found in different regions of South America, mainly in and around the Amazonian rainforest.

2. Blue-footed booby

These blue-footed birds are rare. They commonly live between Peru and the Gulf of California. The color of their legs are caused by the presence of carotenoids in their diet.

3. Eurasian blue tit

The sharpened claws and yellow and blue plumage are what make this bird stands out. It lives in many parts of Europe and the Middle East.

4. Scarlet ibis

Scarlet ibis looks like a pelican with its shape. It’s the national bird of Trinidad and Tobago but can also be found in other countries like Suriname, Brazil, and the Atlantic coast of the Americas.

5. Red-cheeked cordon-bleu

They’re known for their intense red color of the male’s cheeks. This small turquoise bird is found in the east and center of Africa.

6. Tufted croquette

The small, colorful tufted croquette is a type of hummingbird. It commonly lives in the northern zone of South America in countries like Brazil or Guyana.

7. Kagu

This grayish bird is famous for its long crest. It originates in New Caledonia and spends most of its time on the ground, instead of flying.

8. Southern carmine bee-eater

The Southern carmine bee-eater digs tunnels to build its nest. This small bird is found in southern African countries.

9. Coquerel’s coua

Coquerel’s coua is known for its red eyes and a red chest. This bird was named after entomologist Charles Coquerel who discovered it while he was collecting insects on the island of Madagascar.

10. Himalayan monal

Himalayan monal is also called the Impeyan monal. Noticeably, this bird is the national bird of Nepal, where it’s known as “danphe,” and the state bird in Uttarakhand, India.

11. Temminck’s tragopan

Temminck’s tragopan looks like a rooster with its body shape. This rare bird can be found in the mountains of Northeast India and Central China.

12. Philippine eagle

This bird of prey is among the largest tropical eagles in the world. As its name may suggest, this eagle is the state bird of the Philippines.

13. Paradise tanager

Paradise tanager is a colorful bird with a turquoise chest, yellow back, and black eyes. It can be found in many different countries in South America.

14. Shoebill

Shoebill is known for the shape of its beak, living in Central Africa, but unfortunately, it has been recently added to the list of threatened species.

15. Long-tailed mountain lady

This yellow-eyed magpie is famous for its blue feathers covering its body and red legs and beak. This bird is endemic to Taiwan.

16. Rufous-bellied kookaburra

They also go by the name the Gaudichaud’s kookaburra, commonly living in New Guinea, deep within the rainforest.

17. Marabou stork

Marabou storks are scavenger birds. They hunt small vertebrate animals around the lakes of the swampy areas and the savannah of Africa, south of the Sahara desert.

18. Kakapo

The kakapo is actually a species of parrots that live in New Zealand.

19. Schalow’s turaco

Schalow’s turaco is a green bird with red eyes. They can be found in southern Africa.

20. Helmeted hornbill

Helmeted hornbill is a strange-looking bird. It’s sedentary and can be found in regions like Indonesia and Malaysia.