Here are the long routes that visitors can “satisfy” to see the most beautiful autumn scenery in the United States, according to the introduction from Fox News.

Passing through the “dragon’s tail”, you not only inhale the fresh air in your chest, but also enjoy a colorful party that autumn brings.

Here are the long routes that visitors can “satisfy” to see the most beautiful autumn scenery in the United States, according to the introduction from  Fox News. If you’re not ready for a long-distance drive to travel during the pandemic, you can save these names for your trip this fall.

The Dragon, bang North Carolina
Highway 129 has a very famous stretch of road called The Dragon (full name is The Tail of the Dragon), 17 km long and has 318 turns. This is a favorite spot for motorcyclists and sports car enthusiasts thanks to its unique terrain and the vibrant red and orange hues of autumn leaves.

These beautiful colors will compete for your attention, causing many visitors to always mention The Dragon as the most beautiful autumn road in their mind. The best time to see the fall foliage here is mid-October to mid-November

Independence Pass, Colorado
From Aspen, a resort town in the Rocky Mountains, to the Twin Lakes is a beautiful stretch for those who love to take a scenic drive. Driving on this road, you’ll cross majestic mountains, see breathtaking alpine lakes and groves of lush poplar trees, striking blue against a backdrop of clear blue skies and countless reds. , orange of the trees in the autumn. Photo: Dan and Zora Avila

Highland Scenic Highway, West Virginia
This is a beautiful road through the Monongahela National Forest. Passing through this area in the fall, you will be “treated” by a feast with the splendid colors of the leaves: burnt orange, fawn, deep red or lush green and lots of colors. Others appear at the same time.
In addition to admiring the autumn scenery, you can stop along the way to explore the waterfall, step out of the car and breathe in the fresh air, admiring the splendor of nature. Photo: West Virginia Department of Tourism

Wheeler Peak Scenic Drive, Nevada
No fall adventure to the state of Nevada is considered perfect, if you miss out on the scenic Wheeler Peak Scenic Drive, more than 37 kilometers long. Here, visitors will go through a 19 km long road full of sagebrush trees typical of this place. The best time to visit is from late September to late October, and be sure to bring binoculars to see the diverse ecosystem in the area. Photo: Sydney Martinez/Travel Nevada

Scenic Byway 12, Wyoming
This is a beautiful street, connecting Wayne and Garfield counties, and is a popular street for tourists and locals alike. This nearly 200 km long road is paved and open year round. Along the route, you have great views of deep gorges, lush forests and sprawling grasslands. Many tourists have stopped along the way to admire the beautiful scenery in this place. However, if you drive in the winter, you need to be careful because snowfall and freezing temperatures can make some sections of the road less safe and difficult to navigate.
The best time for peak colors is late September to the first three weeks of October. Photo: Garfield County Office of Tourism

Routes 31 & 80, New York State
Routes 31 and 80 are some of the top suggestions for driving and seeing fall in New York. Here, you will be amazed at the color show of autumn, with orange, yellow, red leaves… and undulating hills, sparkling lakes… Ideal time to visit visit this place in autumn is late September to mid-October. Photo: Cooperstown Getaway

Brockway Mountain Drive, Michigan State
Taking a car tour along the 152-kilometer historic road and perched on top of this Keweenaw peninsula and gazing at the fall foliage is an annual activity of thousands of visitors each year.
You’ll enjoy stunning views of Lake Superior and the rugged, rugged, remoteness of the peninsula. In addition to the main road for cars, visitors can do hiking trips with many trails that branch off from the main road. These small paths are usually for pedestrians, or cyclists, or those who want to pursue some outdoor thrills.
The best time to see autumn in this area is from mid-September to mid-October. Photo:  Visitors Bureau

Around the Peaks Loop, Arizona
This more than 70 km long road will take you through the highest mountains in the state, winding through a land of dense pine and poplar forests, vast prairies and dreamy farms. Anywhere is a good time to enjoy a long drive past this place, even though the road is closed for the most part in winter. Before concluding your tour, stop for a tour of Lockett Meadow, where you’ll traverse the famous Inner Basin trail to visit an ancient volcano with remnants of old lava flows. Photo: Arizona Office of Tourism/Discover Flagstaff