Pαlαwαп Peαcock-Pheαsαпt, A Stгikiпg Biгd With Iгidesceпt Blue-Gгeeп Plumαge Aпd Mohαwk

The Palawan peacock-pheasant is an outstanding bird. It has iridescent blue-green plumage and Mohawk, making them conspicuous whenever they are. The black underparts and white stripes above (and below) the eyes also create more charm for this creature.

This bird’s peacock-like tail with characteristic patterns is eye-catching, too.

Unlike male birds with stunning features above, female Palawan peacock-pheasants are a dull grey-brown color.

This beautiful bird species is native to the island of Palawan in the southern Philippines. They live on the ground and prefer dense vegetation.

Palawan peacock-pheasants feed on seeds, berries, nuts, fruit, insects, worms, and slugs.

When the mating season begins, male birds offer foods to the females. If female birds accept, the male will do a performance, fanning his tail and compressing his wings to show off his stunning plumage.

Female birds then lay 2 eggs on the ground and incubate them for 18- 20 days. They will feed the hatchlings until they are fully-fledged.

In recent years, the population of Palawan peacock-pheasants has decreased quickly due to the loss of habitat (over-exploitation and deforestation). The Palawan Islands is now just a Biosphere Reserve.

Additionally, this bird has been trapped for the pet trade and hunted for meat, causing the decline of its population. It’s now highly endangered.

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