The Enchanting Scaled Fruiteater: A Splendid Avian Beauty with Vibrant Yellow and Olive Green Feathers

Introducing the Scaled fruiteater – a gorgeous bird with a plump body and striking yellow and olive green feathers that create a beautiful ocellated pattern.

The scaled fruiteater, which belongs to the Cotingidae family, is a bird species known for being the sole member of the Ampelioides genus. This plump bird has a short tail and a robust bill, measuring about 19 cm in length. The male features a black head and loruns, as well as a white “mustache” band. It also has a pale yellow ring around its neck, while its upperpart feathers come in bright olive with black centers, giving them a scale-like appearance. Its wings are predominantly black, with greater coverts in olive forming a wide band.

The coloration of the bird’s throat starts as white and gradually transitions to a yellow hue. Its feathers are outlined by a wide olive border, creating a beautiful ocellated pattern. Meanwhile, the female bird has an olive head and her belly feathers are adorned with large black scales, enhancing her already captivating appearance.

The bird can be exclusively located in Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Venezuela. It’s not commonly sighted in the middle layer and undergrowth of low-altitude mountain forests. This species of bird usually inhabits areas with an elevation between 900 to 2000 meters above sea level.

The scaled fruiteaters move by jumping on the flat branches in search of insects and fruits to eat. They have also been seen munching on snails occasionally.

Not much information is available on how this bird reproduces.

Despite the fact that the bird has experienced a decrease in population numbers, its extensive habitat range means that it is not at risk of being classified as Vulnerable on the ICUN list.