Touching Moments: Baby Monkey’s Heartwarming Care for Ducklings

Animals are some of the kindest creatures on this planet. With so many amazing qualities, like compassion and kind-heartedness, it’s easy to see why people can’t help but be mesmerized by these adorable beings. A video of a baby monkey caring for a raft of ducks like they were his own family has been capturing the hearts of people all across the globe since its upload on June 4, 2021. The video was taken in Indonesia and featured one popular and absolutely precious monkey by the name of BiBi.

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We have seen animals being unbearably adorable and it never ceases to amaze us. And here is your daily dose of animal cuteness! This monkey takes care of a bunch of ducklings and it is so cute that our hearts are officially melted into puddles. If there is anything more adorable than baby monkeys and fuzzy ducklings, it’s the two of them combined. That sure is cuteness overloaded.

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This video is everything you have been waiting for. It is eight minutes of pure cuteness. Set against calming music, this video is sure to melt even the toughest hearts out there. Angry? Watch this video, we recommend it. The video starts with the baby monkey staring lovingly at the group of ducklings. The ducklings proceed to groom the monkey’s fur while the baby monkey keeps on stroking and petting the tiny ducklings. They all look so satisfied and content hanging out with each other.

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Also, the video shows the baby monkey give one of the duckings a big hug! And the rest of them are huddling together. At this point, we officially cannot handle all this cuteness! This monkey hug takes hugging and showing affection to a whole new level. And then, the monkey decided to go off for a little bit, to find something to snack on. Well, the brood is not very happy with the idea of their beloved baby monkey being far away. So, they do not let the monkey go further away! Isn’t that adorable? Well, the thing is, it seems that the ducklings think that the baby monkey is their new mommy. The monkey goes somewhere, the group follows him.

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And when it is officially snack time, the ducklings are eating some yum yum rice while the monkey is getting in some of the nutrients that it gets daily from a prepared bottle. Isn’t it adorable that they even snack together! Even though they have different diets, they still enjoy their meals together. The monkey is climbing up the tree for a little swinging, because, lets face it, he is a baby and as a baby, they need a lot of practice. And the question is, where are the ducks?

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Well, the monkey climbs back down, only to see his ducklings waiting for him at the bottom of the tree. And the group continues to explore their forest home a bit more, getting used to everything around them. And also, this is one hungry monkey! It can’t help but munch on all the plants while they explore the forest together.

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A few of the ducklings appear to be dozing off, but they have nothing to worry about as their ‘mommy’ is there to take care of them, making sure that they are out of harm’s way. And here is the video. Take a look and see how adorable this whole thing is! mage/Video Credit & More Info; Animals Home/youtube. 


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