Unveiling the Beauty and Mysteries of a Migratory Bird with a Mesmerising Song: The Narcissus Flycatche


The yellow-backed flycatcher is 13 cm in length and is a medium-sized member of the flycatcher family. Particular differences exist between males and females. Males have a fading chest and lower body with a brilliant orange neck and a black crest.

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The male likewise has black tail, orange-yellow upper caudal base, black wings with white markings, and yellow eyes. The female in particular has a white lower body with many white scales on the sides of the throat and breast. She also has a brown upper body.


The 13 cm Narcissus flycatcher is a medium-sized member of the flycatcher family. The male and female differ noticeably from one another. The male has a black crown, an orange-yellow eyebrow, a brilliant orange neck with lighter breast and underparts, black wings with a white wing patch, an orange-yellow rump, and a black tail with white tips. The female has white underparts with varied black scales on the breast and neck sides. Her upperparts are brow-shaped.