Whimsical Wonders: Journey into the Surreal with Striking Photographs

When we are no longer constrained by stereotypes, we can freely create anything we want. That’s why designers have so many bold and unique ideas.

According to Boredpanda, the case of Malaysian visual artist Zulkarnain Ismail is a prime example. The inspiration in Ismail’s creations is photography and nature. In Ismail’s art series, he often mixes photography and graphic design.

Thanks to his impeccable Photoshop skills and endless creativity, Ismail has created surreal photos that uniquely combine reality and virtual world. Indeed, when we look at Ismail’s works, we no longer recognize the existence of logic. Everything transcends the boundaries of reality and seems to take the viewer to a fantasy world.

Someone scooped up the golden moonlight?

The horse’s stripes are reminiscent of gymnastics ribbons

A traffic light pole suddenly appeared in the middle of a desolate field

Umbrellas shaped like sand dunes

There is a small island on this cake

The photo makes viewers feel like they are lost in a colorful fantasy world

A penguin shepherd?

The deer is walking on the clouds

A strange sea creature swimming in the air?

This mallard sitting on the plane will miss the friends out there

Is this mud or a galaxy?

Is this the magic drawer in the story of Doremon?

A pupil in the pistil

An entire island represents a turtle’s shell

Is it surfing or skiing?

The clouds floating over the sea are so unique

Those fishes swimming in the air?

A boat is swimming in the clouds