Hidden Wonder: Pristine Natural Pool Discovered Deep Within a New Mexico Cave, Untouched by Humans

Humans have been mapping earth since the very beginning. To go where no man has gone before is the dream of many explorers and some of them actually came across a pool deep inside a cave in New Mexico that may have been ‘untouched’ by humans. A team of explorers discovered this pristine water body in Lechuguilla Cave, Carlsbad Caverns National Park, New Mexico, USA.

The national park shared a post on Facebook talking about the discovery and sharing the image of the ‘virgin’ pool.  The post says that explorers ventured out beyond a body of water known as the Lake of Liquid Sky which was discovered in 1993. That is when they found the cave pool which appeared to be ‘completely pristine’.

‘The goals of this expedition have been a long time in the making, since the Lake of the Liquid Sky was first encountered in 1993. Rest assured… The team took special precautions to ensure there were no contaminants introduced to these pools of water!’, the post read.

The park also informed that the edges beneath this pool appear to be ‘pool fingers’ which they feel might have ‘bacterial colonies that have evolved entirely without human presence’.

People were obviously stunned by the beautiful and pristine discovery:

Since being shared, people have dropped all sorts of comments on the post. One user commented, ‘Where is water it is coconut milk’, while another wrote, ‘It’s very strange. But very beautiful’.

We hope that the pool remains the way it is, untouched and uncontaminated by humans.